hoë druk sny masjien staal snymasjien waterstraal

Hoë druk snymasjien staal snymasjien waterjet


1.Water jet cutting working table
2.Intensifier made in usa
3.Yaskawa servo control
4.Waterjet cutting head
5.Automatic abrasive delivery system


Portable waterjet snymasjien

Cutting table size2100*1600mm
CNC ControllerStep System / AC Servo System
Cuttingherhaalbaarheid± 0.05mm
Traverse speed6500/15000 mm/min
Turbocharger parameters

Portable waterjet snymasjien

Maximum pressure450Mpa
Normal operating pressure350-380Mpa
Main motor power37KW Siemens
Oil pumpVariable
High-pressure cylinderingevoer
Inlet valveingevoer
Ceramic rodingevoer
AccumulatorSingle taper
Kragtoevoer415/380/220V AC 3P


1. Adopteer servo-ry-konfigurasie Taiwan-balskroef, lineêre gids kan naatlose beweging bereik, om gladde werking te verseker. Om die gladde transmissie van die hele masjien te verseker.

2.Steel basis, balke ingevoer hoë kwaliteit naatlose staal pyp, en dan leeg die ware hittebehandeling, onsigbare verandering.

3.A full range of cutting capacity, any plane curve cutting.

4.Specially reinforced bed structure, so that the cutting head does not produce vibration during high-speed operation, the machine runs smoothly, cutting speed, high precision machining.

5.The screw and guide provided by the well-known Taiwan manufacturers, X, Y-axis is the original oil-immersed screw rail lubrication, plus a waterprooof, dust-proof structure to ensure that the machining accuracy of CNC cutting platform, and maximize the service life of the screw guide.

6.Cutting head is equipped with reliable pneumatic high-pressure water switch control device, improve production efficiency.

7.Unique sand valve design, simple structure,the flow of sand smooth, easy to repair.

8.All stainless steel protective cover, dustproof, waterproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, easy to use water to clean, maintain the cutting platform perennial burnished as new.

9.4-axis and 5-axis system tilt cutting heading for optional choice with extra charge.

10.Varities kinds of applications:Ceramic, Stone, Glass, Marble, Stainless Steel, Plastic foam, Aluminum

11.any size of cutting machine is availble for our customers requirement.

Ons Dienste

After-sale service commitment

A. We are assure that the equipment is completely brand-new and will conform to the technical specifications.

B. The machanical guarantee on machinery and equipment shall be 12 months after the acceptance data(Vulnerable parts excluded).

C. The damages are due to faults in design or workmanship, We will replace or repair it base on the follow situation.(Vulnerable parts excluded)

The following guarantee is for the vulnerable parts:

a. The part is broken before less than 50% of its guarantee time, the seller will replace or repair it at the seller’s own cost.

b. The part is broken up to or more than 50% of its guarantee time, the seller and buyer should bear its cost base on the percentage of the using time.

c. The part is broken after its guarantee time, the buyer should replace or repair it at the buyer’s own cost.

Installation and training: we can send technician to your place for the complete installation and training. The buyer must paid in advance for all the expense include travelling, visa, hotel, and meals etc.

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Item: Portable waterjet cutting machine
Size: 2100*1600mm
Cooling way: Water/Wind/Oil
Drive type: Yaskawa Servo Drive
Cutting Accuracy: +/- 0.1mm
Max operation pressure: 450Mpa
Motor Power: 37KW Siemens
Application Material: metal, stone, glass, stainless steel
Warranty: 1 year